Spectacular National Square Dance Performance Fires Up in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan

On 19th August, National square dance was performed at Charming Western Hunan Square. The whole square was imbued with passionate rythmn and joyous steps. 9 excellent representative groups selected from whole district of Wulingyuan participated in this dance competition. Even dance steps, gaily dress, dedicated performance and applause wove together and made here a sea of joy.

According to requst of activity holder, Each reperesentative group have to perform two dances. One dance have to be minority nationality dance of Tujia Nationality, Miao Nationality, White Nationality and so on while the other one was rehearsed as participants’ own will. This activity was held to dig out, perserve and propagate traditional national culture and improve mass people’s happiness quotient.

At the scene, Amazing national dance like “Duo Ga Duo Ye”, “Tujia Daughter Assemble”, “Bian Cheng” and popular square dance like “Little Apple of Zhangjiajie Version”, “Clap Your Hands If Happy”,”Horse Pole” make this square a charming world and every one was fascinated in this happy and passionate world.

By Patricia