South Korean Singer Huang Zhili will sing in Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi

Spring breeze is blowing hot. South Korean famous singer,Mr Huang Zhili will sing on March 26 at 2:00PM in Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi Grand Theatre.

“China and South Korea culture collision will hot Charming Xiangxi. Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi Grand Theatre director introduces, Mr Huang in addition to sing his signature song, will also work with charming group local singer, jointly promoting friendly exchanges.

Tourism industry insiders think, with a high profile in the youth in South Korea, it will open South Korea tourist market, gain stable young customers. In 2015, Wulingyuan has received 267,800 South Korean tourists, mostly middle-aged group.

Mr Huang Zhili is 34-year-old, his stage name is “Ten2″. South Korea famous male singer, he is first introduced in 2007, after the individual EP album, he becomes South Korea rise burst strength.

Translated by Sophia