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Self-driving Tour of 10000 Cars Starts in Damei Mountain

On the morning of March 29, the opening ceremony of the “Exploring Miraculous Damei Mountain, Experiencing Gorgeous China” 10000 cars’ self-driving tour in Damei Mountain activity, sponsored by the Hunan Provincial people’s Government, was held at Helong Stadium square. After the ceremony, 50 cars started off for the 3-day tour from Changsha, the Meijiang River National Geological Park, the Ziquejie Terrace to the Former Residence of Zeng Guofan in Loudi, the first rural education cultural travel route.

Loudi is located in central China with rich local Meishan culture. Thanks for the Xiangtan-Shaoyang highway and Loudi-Xinhua highway, traveling from Changsha to loudi takes only 1 hour and the tour from downtown to any scenic spot in Loudi is shortened to less than 90 minutes which makes it an ideal self-driving tour route.

This event includes a variety of activities including the Original Song Contest themed with “Beautiful Loudi”, “Mysterious Damei Mountain, Happy Spring Festival” self-driving tour, “Dragon Descendants Tour Dragon Mountain”, “Meishan in China” Photography Tour Exhibition and the Damei Mountain Cultural Travel & World Terrance Conference.

Translator: Zhangshu

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal