Security and Safety Operation for Zhangjiajie Music Week Festival in Full Swing

Since the 2013 international country music week is going to be kicked off in August, on July 30, the security and safety personnel come to the performance venue for on-scene inspection and make initial deployment for on-scene policy strength.

The security group successively visits the opening ceremony of the music week in Yellow Dragon Cave; check campfire party scene in Xibu street; and examine the closing ceremony scene of Tianmen Fairy Fox. They learn the preparation state of many scenic spots and carry out careful inspections on the scenes.

On the security deployment meeting for the music week, relevant personnel from Zhangjiajie PSB requests the participating members should pay high attention on the event, clarify target and responsibility and key jobs; the city and county PSB and policy offices take pains to organize the security job and make sure a successful music week.

By Crystal