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Russian Youths came to Hunan for Chinese Culture Summer Camp

Themed with “Tour of Hunan, China”, the 2012 Chinese Culture Summer Camp of Confucius Institution of Kazan (Volga region) Federal University in Russia launched in Changsha on July 1.

The summer camp is hosted by China National Office for Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language and Confucius Institution Headquarters and organized by Hunan Normal University. In the following two weeks, students will learn courses including Chinese language, martial arts and Chinese dancing. They will also visit the famous cultural spots in Hunan to enhance their understanding of Chinese culture.

Zhou Junwu, Vice president of Hunan Normal University hoped in his speech that those students could make more efforts to study the profound Chinese Culture during their study in Hunan, and believed the flower of friendship between Russian and Chinese would always bloom and grow.

Li Lanyi, Chinese director of Confucius Institution, Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, said that most of the students visited China for the first time and they will experience the unique charm of Chinese culture in various activities and be willing to act as the messengers of the Sino-Russia culture exchange.

Translator: Zhan Ping

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal