Report on Hunan County Travel Economic Growth Quality 2017 Issued

On January 14, the Seminar on the Development of Hunan All-for-one Tourism and County Economy was held at China (Changsha) Innovative Design Industrial Park, Changsha Yuhua Economic Development Zone. The "Report on Hunan County Tourism Economic Growth Quality 2017" was issued that day. CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee Director and Director of Hunan Provincial Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association Lai Mingyong attended.

The Hunan Provincial Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association, the Hunan County Economic Research Center, the College of Economics & Trade of Hunan University, and the Tourism Research Institute of Hunan Normal University jointly set up a research group. In 2017, the group compiled the first evaluation indicators system for county travel economic growth quality, and issued Hunan’s first report on county travel economic growth quality. The report selected 18 indicators to evaluate 94 counties (districts) from three aspects: travel economy efficiency, industrial structure of travel economy, and environment quality of travel economy.

The report shows that the top 20 counties are Ningxiang County-level City, Yongding District, Suxian District, Yanling County, Yuelu District, Wulingyuan District, Dong’an County, Yuhua District, Tongdao Dong Autonomous County, Suining County, Lixian County, Guzhang County, Shaoshan City, Taoyuan County, Guiyang County, Yizhang County, Beihu District, Lengshuijiang County-level City, Nanyue District, and Rucheng County.

The report holds that Hunan’s county travel economy has achieved rapid development, but there are also several issues that should be addressed such as closing the gap between regions in travel development, and improving travel infrastructure and public service system. At the seminar, the participating experts discussed and put forward countermeasures and suggestions on promoting the development of county travel economy in Hunan.

Translator: Xiao Juan