Red Travel Prevails in Hunan Province

Hunan is one of the birth places of red travel, boasting profound such travel resources. In recent years, the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the?Hunan Provincial People’s Government attached great importance to this tour form, and organized a series of activities with innovative publicizing mode, making red travel Hunan’s brand image.

From 2004 to 2014, Hunan successfully held red travel culture festivals, fully demonstrating Hunan’s achievements in red travel. The festival has now become a significant activity in China to promote red travel.

Statistics show that the number of tourists in Hunan broke through 300 million from 2004 to 2013, achieving an income of 126 billion yuan. The annual average growth of tourists and income reached over 20%. About 200,000 people are directly employed for red travel and 800,000 people indirectly. The tour fully plays its favorable effect on politics, culture, cultural enrichment and popular support.

Large scale performance of the “The Great Man Mao Zedong in China”

Former residence of Liu Shaoqi in Ningxiang County of Hunan Province

Former residence of Peng Dehuai in Xiangtan County of Hunan Province

Translator: Zhu Mengxia

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal