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Red Stone National Geographical Park Crowned China’s Most Beautiful Park

The first “China’s Most Beautiful Geological Park” selected activity, jointly sponsored by the Geological Society of China, Tourism earth science, research branch of geological park and council for the promotion of geological travel development in Henan Province came to a perfect closure. This voting campaign aims at discovering and recommending the most “unique and magnificent” geological park landscape within our country.

In order to create an impartial environment, the organizers have invited experts and professional judges in travel field to conduct the rigorous selection. Meanwhile the votes of netizens are taken into consideration. Finally, Xiangxi Red Stone National Geological Park crowned the top award with nearly 1.6 million votes.

Located in the Northwestern part of Hunan,with karst, springs, canyons, caves, lakes, waterfalls rolled into one,Red Stone National Geographical Parkis one of the top eight scenic spots in Hunan. Folk customs and arts such as original ecological dances “Maogusi” and “hand-waving” are included in the intangible cultural heritage of state level.Also, it possesses high values in geological research, aesthetic appreciation, and travel.

By Aileen