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Federico Sceriffo Won“King of Drifting in Sky Road”In Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount

Recently, Hong Kong racing driver Deng Zhilun and Italian racing driver Federico Sceriffo performed an ultimate for “King of Drifting in Sky Road” in Heaven-linking Avenue of Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount. At last, Federico Sceriffo successfully won and became “King of Drifting in Sky Road”in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount.

At 13:15, Deng Zhilun and Federico Sceriffo set out from Tianmen Mount with their racing cars. They arrived Tianmen Cave finally after drifting 99 curves along the sky way. That meant they managed to challenge overall 10.77-kilometer Heaven-linking Avenue, which has a roadwidth of only 6 meters and has an elevation drop of nearly 1100 meters.

According to professional judges’ comprehensive judgment, Italian racing driver Federico Sceriffo got 96.5 on average and Hong Kong racing driver Deng Zhilun got 95 on average.

31-year-old Federico Sceriffo has once took part in drifting races held by various international cities such as Paris, Osaka and so on and has won champions for many times. This time, he brought a wonderful visual feast to all with his exquisite drifting skills.

Translated by Becky