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Real-scene Drama Shocks at Zhangjiajie

The interview team invited by the Hunan International Tourism Festival was moved by the real-scene musical drama “Tianmen Fox Fairy” performed at Zhangjiajie on the evening of Sept. 13.

This drama was originated from a legend of “Liu Hai Cuts Firewood”, telling a love story between a woodcutter and a fox fairy. Magical scenes were created by means of machines, magic and special effects, such as flying snow around the 10000-m2-theater, fox fairy transforming into human shape at the stage, huge artificial moon, a 5000-m2 glass-reinforced-plastic stage enfolded with flowing water in a flash, 60-meter-long bridge overhead, and the heroine flying up to become a star.

The drama was directed by Mei Shuaiyuan, originator of the real-scene performance in China, and world-famous musician Tan Dun as musical director. 500 actors gave their brilliant performance at the stage.

Real-scene drama: Tianmen Fox Fairy – Liu Hai Cuts Firewoods

Tianmen Cave on Tianmen Mountain

Exciting glass skywalk on Tianmen Mountain

Translator: Pang Yuehui

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal