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Quality Upgrade, Huanglong Hole received 1 Million Visitors during 8 Months

On August 30th, As we learned from tourist attraction Zhangjiajie Huanglong scenic spot, it received 1 million visitors. Compared to last year, it came to the same track data in advance.

In recent years, Huanglong scenic area increased the construction of hardware facilities, to enrich the content of the travel products.In addition to ensure the long-term in good state visit, they perfected the scenic spot of sign, increased the interactive experience and visit time.Currently a cave, a drama and a square which have colorful charm, far more than in the past “Just only see the hole”.

Since the beginning of the year, Huanglong scenic area in combination with their own advantages, market-oriented, has introduced a VIP reception service, night tour service, voice guide service, which making visitors be preferred.

Huanglong scenic area was in the beginning of the platform promotion, increasing the propaganda of WeChat, Weibo and other media platforms. Relying on the world natural heritage Wulingyuan scenic area of travel brand, “Misty rain shuang dargon” high-quality goods, took an effective improve product visibility and market share.

Huanglong scenic area, at the current development trend forecast, it will continue to be a “NO1″ cave counterparts across the country in 2015.

Translated by Sophia