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Zhangjiajie Smart Travel Official Platform Formally Signed

On September 29th, Zhangjiajie hosts the signing ceremony of the Smart Tourism Official Platform Construction; Zhangjiajie travel bureau and China telecom group system integration Co.,Ltd sign the cooperation protocol–Zhangjiajie Smart Tourism–Tourism Official Platform Project. According to the protocol, The two parties will carry out deep cooperation in terms of five data service platforms: Zhangjiajie Official Tourism Info.net, Zhangjiajie Official Tourism mobile Application, Zhangjiajie Tourism Management Platform, Zhangjiajie Tourism e-commerce platform and Zhangjiajie Smart Tourism. Chen danfeng, member of Zhangjiajie standing committee and deputy mayor attends the ceremony.

Regarded as Zhangjiajie official travel info platform, Zhangjiajie Smart Tourism Official Platform project presents Zhangjiajie’s gorgeous mount and water scenery, unique folk culture, excellent travel activity and convenient travel self-service to the global travel market. The newly-set platform is to orient to the government, realizing info release, policy consultation and business management among travel management agencies at all levels in Zhangjiajie; orient to company, providing travel industries and personnel in Zhangjiajie with on-line service, travel products marketing; orient to tourists, offering travel info about traveling destination and reservation service.

Chen danfeng indicates, the construction of Zhangjiajie Smart Tourism Official website has played a vital role in the future travel in Zhangjiajie; he hopes the two parties in light of sincere cooperation guarantee the speed as well as the quality of construction, for building a perfect smart travel official platform.

By Crystal