President Xi's 2016 New Year Congratulation

A few hours later, the New Year'sbell is about to ring. We are going to bid farewell to 2015, and ushered in thefirst ray of sunshine in 2016. In this old-farewell and new-usher moment, Iwould like to extend best wishes for the New Year to the people of all ethnicgroups, to compatriots in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, MacaoSpecial Administrative Region compatriots, Taiwan compatriots and overseasChinese, to friends from various countries and regions of the world!

Had the pay, have the gain. In2015, Chinese people paid a lot, and harvested a lot. China's economic growth continuouslylived in the forefront of the world. The reform went more significantly andefficiently. The reform of the judicial system continued to deepen. The “ThreeStricts and Three Steadies” special education promoted the political ecologicalimprovement. The anti-corruption conflict was carried on deeper. Through thejoint efforts of the people of all ethnic groups, the Twelfth Five Year Plan cameto a successful ending. The people have more sense of fulfillment owing to thosegreat achievement.

This year, we commemorate the Chinesepeople's war of resistance against Japan and the world anti-fascist war victory70 anniversary by holding a grand parade, which revealed the truth that justicewill win, peace will win, and people will win. We have fully implemented thereform of the army by announcing the 300-thousand disarmament. Mr. Ma and I metin Singapore. We made the handshake after the 66-years of time, indicating thatthe peaceful development of cross-strait relations is the common aspiration ofthe compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

This year, Beijing obtained the honorto hold the 24th Winter Olympics. The RMB yuanwas included into the International Monetary Fund SDR currency basket. China'sself-developed C919 large passenger aircraft completed assembly. China super-computerbroken world record and won the sixth straight title. The dark matter detectionsatellite developed by Chinese scientists launched. Tu Youyou become China'sfirst scientist who won the Nobel Prize... All these achievements shows that thedream can always be realized as long as we persist.

This year, we got happiness, but wealso got sadness. Many of our compatriots lost their lives in the “OrientalStar” ferry capsizal, the Tianjin harbor explosion, and Shenzhen landslideaccident. Some of our compatriots was killed by those terrorists, to which wewere very sad. We miss them, we hope them rest in peace, and the living wouldkeep strong! There are still some difficulties and troubles in the life of the poeple.The party and the government will continue to work harder to protect people'slives and property security effectively, to ensurre the people's livelihoodimprovement, and to safeguard the health of the people.

2016 is the first year in the decisivestage of our country built into the comprehensive well-off society. The FifthPlenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China clarifiedthe direction of the next 5 years. The outlook is encouraging and inspiring,but happiness will not come without hard work. We will establish the faith oftriumphalism, keeping work intensely, implementing the development concept ofinnovation, coordination, green, open, and sharing, focus on the promotion of structuralreform, reform and opening up, social justice, and strive to create a goodpolitical environment, so that to make a good start, a good step in building awell-off society in an all-round way decisive stage.

In order to build up a well-offsociety in an all-round way, all Chinese people need to go hand in hand. Ialways think about the improvement of our rural lives. We sounded the horn towin a fight poverty battle. The party and the country need to concentric ourbest, focusing on completing this short board to ensure that all rural povertypopulation to get rid of poverty on schedule. We need to care about all thedifficulties of our people, so that they feel warm from the heart.

We have only one earth, which isthe common home of the people of all countries. This year, our leadersparticipated in the many international conferences, having carried out manydiplomatic activities, having promoted the “One Belt One Road” building, havingparticipated in the UN 2030 sustainable development agenda, dealing with theglobal climate change and other international affairs. The world is so big, thereare so many problems. The international community expects to hear China’s voiceand see China’s plan. We cannot be absent. We should have compassion and sympathytowards people trapped in misery and war, but we also need the responsibilityand action. China will always open her arms to the world, will also make everyeffort to offer a helping hand to the people in trouble. We would be glad toenlarge our "circle of friends".

I sincerely hope that, with theconcerted efforts of the international community, we can have more peace andmore cooperation. We can turn fight into cooperation, turn hostility intofriendship, so that we can work together to build up a peace mankind communityshared by all the people living in this planet.

Thank you all.

Translated by Huangkesheng