Premier Li Keqiang Visits Hunan University

When visiting an exhibition of start-ups at Hunan University on July 3, Premier Li Keqiang stated, "I remember that your school motto includes daring to be the first". "And to seek truth from facts", said all the students. Premier Li agreed that the 8-character motto is of great importance, saying that starting a business requires courage to be the first, tolerance to defeats, as well as resolution to pick oneself up in a fall and start all over again. He urged the young students to be curious thinkers at school and practitioners of entrepreneurship in society. 

At a salon of innovation and entrepreneurship at Hunan University, when Premier Li received the business card from an entrepreneur professor, a student squeezed in to pass a business card to Premiere Li and said "I am also an entrepreneur". Li smiled and praised his courage to compete with an owner of business worth over tens of billions.

He said that supervisors are more experienced but college students' active thinking sparks creativity, which is an experience of mentoring relationships and also win-win partnerships. 

Premier Li was surrounded by teachers and students as he left the teaching building. A 40-meter walk to the car took him over 10 minutes.

Translator: Liu Fen

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal