Plum Blossom Prize Art Troupe Stages Performance in Hunan

At 8:00pm on December 25, a benefaction performance tour in Hunan themed "Our Chinese Dream-'Bringing Happiness to Primary Units' by Plum Blossom Prize Art Troupe of China Theater Association” was made in Yuelu District, Changsha City.

The performances were inclusive of various operas such as Kunqu Opera, Huangmei Opera, Huai Opera (popular in northern Jiangsu), Beijing Opera, Sichuan Opera, and two-person sketch comedies. Over 20 famous Plum Blossom Prize winners from all across the country competed for staging their masterpieces. Performances, such as Gu Haohao's Kunqu Hujia Village, Yu Lan's Beijing Opera Azalea Mountain, and Shen Tiemei's Sichuan Opera Li Yaxian won thunderous applauds from the audience. Hunan's Plum Blossom Prize winners Liu Zhaoqian (Flower Drum Opera), Cao Rulong (Hunan Opera), Peng Ling (Han Opera), Lei Ling (Kunqu Opera), and Xiao Xiaobo (Qiyang Opera) took the stage in succession, displaying mixed singing of Hunan opera with local features.

Translator: LiuFang

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal