Picturesque Ten-mile Gallery Witness a Cloud of Guests

With the cherry blossoms withering, The red azaleas are in full bloom. And forest in Zhangjiajie turned blackish green,Green lake gurgling. On the afternoon of April 19th, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic area witnessed a cloud of guests. They were attracted by the picturesque spring sights in there. Guests was full of the tourist routes, even the sightseeing trolley cars were filled with people. According to incomplete statistics, more than 10 thousand people per day has been there since 18th, which increased obviously than last year.

Since the middle of April, Domestic and foreign guests have been enchanted by the continuous spring rain, bloom azaleas, as well as misty clouds that make mountains and waters more beautiful and dream-like. The charges of The Ten-mile Gallery Sightseeing Car Company introduced that the tramway including other reception facilities has been comprehensively updated in recent year with a investment of 4 million yuan,In order to upgrade tourist reception service and ensure guests a safe and comfortable travel. All the sightseeing cars have just smoothly passed the 2014 safe inspection lately.

Ten-mile Gallery lies in the Suoxiyu natural protection area in Wulingyuan. This natural long forest sightseeing gallery is a golden passage connecting attractions such as Tianzishan and Shuiraosimen.

Translated by Zumi