Photographing Contest “Hunting for Zhangjiajie Snow Style” is being held

The photographing contest named “Hunting for Zhangjiajie Snow Style” is to be undertaking, jointly hosted by the people’s government of Wulingyuan district, the Administrative Office of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, and the Baofeng Lake Resort on the orientation of attracting more photographing enthusiasts to come here and create more master works presenting the unparalleled landscape and culture and customs of Zhangjiajie.

This contest started to invite candidates on the day of 12 December, 2012, and all national photographers are welcome. Personal information and a CV on photographing are required to submit to the organizing committee of the 2nd Baofeng Lake Cup Zhangjiajie Photographing Contest on Net. The contest will officially begin on a snowing day between 1 to 15 January, 2013 and will last for 5 days (the specified time will depends on the whether and will be officially publicized by the organizing committee).

Translated by Vincent Chou