Philippines Traveling Salesman said Zhangjiajie Scenery is “Beyond Imagination”

“The beautiful scenery here is beyond imagination, which looks like coming from another planet!” On March 31st,Philippines traveling salesman tour delegation Ligaya Tabirao gives much praise to Wulingyuan after the inspection. After returning, she would increase the intensity of Zhangjiajie promotion,letting more people feel “Avatar” hometown of the beauty of natural humanities.

With a total of 26 people, delegation members are respectively from six famous travel agencies. It aims to explore Zhangjiajie travel market in southeast Asia. Delegation has conducted a two-day visit, successively visited Tianzi mountain, Yuan Gujie, Water around the four doors, Zhangjiajie world geological park museum, Baofeng lake, and so on. Everywhere, the delegation are beguiled by the humanistic amorous feelings of the natural scenery and unique world natural heritage.

Translated by Sophia