Participants of Hunan Province Foreigner Photo Contest Enjoy Zhangjiajie

On December 9th, participants of Hunan Province Foreigner Photo Contest visited the Golden Whip Stream of Zhangjiajie where they had a close and interesting contact with wild monkeys in the mountain.

When going down along the stream, the participants were noticed and followed by the monkeys. Led by the patriarchal, the monkeys remained an amusing sight for the international friends, showing various poses to attract all the camera lenses. Even after eating the breakfast and snacks of the participants, the monkeys still followed closely the participants, as if they were chasing enemies.

After the expedition in Golden Whip Stream, the participants’ photography expedition tour in Zhangjiajie ended. The contestants spoke highly of the beauty of Zhangjiajie. They recorded glorious, loving people and delicious food with their camera, carrying every bit of happiness and touching moments during the journey. They all said they will come to Zhangjiajie again, with their parents, relatives and friends, to experience the unique and breathtaking charm of the enchanting Zhangjiajie.

Translator By Hao Jingru