New Year’s first snow in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area

On January 7th, Scenic tourist attraction Zhangjiajie Yuan Gujie,Huangshi village area, Tianzi mountain, people can see the first snowfall in 2016, which brings a lot of surprise to visiting tourists around the New Year.

It is understood that Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan snow begins at 9 am, mainly concentrated in the core area of high altitude areas. The fog in scenic area is very thick, so the top of the hill, and branches and the way are already a white layer. In some observation deck, visitors from time to time take photos. That morning, Wulingyuan traffic police department is on duty, to strengthen the duty of the important sections. Huangshi village cableway, Yang Gujie cableway, the normal operation of transportation tools are in orderly.

Snow is very beautiful, visitors pay attention to safety first. Influenced by cold air, Wulingyuan will appear a rime, BingGua beauty. Local travel department reminds, snow visitors should pay attention to prevent slippery and frostbite.

Translated by Sophia