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New standard for International Conference in china

Beijing, February 15 (Reporter Han Jie, Xu Rui) reporter on the 15th learned from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Finance to standardize and strengthen the financial management of the international conference held in China, improve capital efficiency, has developed a << held in China in the international standard of conference expenses and financial management >> strict control of the expenses of the International Conference held in China through a number of initiatives.

According to reports, the date of publication of this latest introduction of management practices have been implemented, developed by the Ministry of Finance in 1997 >> << provisions of an international conference to financial management practices in China and declare null and void. New way to apply to central government departments and foreign organizations, groups, institutions together in China or an agency commissioned by the host the Annual Meeting, regular meetings and other international issues, and for the central financial allocation meeting.

Compared with the previous requirement, the new management approach for small, medium and large International Conference clearly defined: the Conference on behalf of more than 300 people at major international conferences, the Conference on behalf of more than 100 people, 300 people (including 300 people ), for medium-sized international meeting, the Conference on behalf of 100 (including 100), a small international meeting.

New management approach to strengthen the financial management of the international conference held in China, the Conference was required Sponsor to fulfill the austerity, the principle of strict spending, reasonable preparation and reporting budget, and control the meeting specifications, efforts to reduce the scale of the meeting, earnestly implement the various expenses standard, to meeting style simple, practical and efficient.

Meanwhile, according to international practice, not for the conference delegates with daily necessities, the organization of public funds tours, visits, not by organizing international conferences on behalf of compulsion or disguised apportioning the cost of the conference to the local government or enterprise funds of the International Conference on into the unit finance unified management accounted for separately. organizing major international conferences should have a temporary financial institutions for services dedicated to meeting organized by medium-sized, small-scale international conferences should also be equipped with a full-time financial officer.

In addition, a clear management approach, meeting representatives from the international and domestic travel (including transportation costs from the airport), accommodation, medical, sightseeing, personal consumption, and other expenses borne by the individual in addition to labor costs and foreign international travel, simultaneous translators accommodation, transport and other costs borne by the individual.

Clear, the Ministry of Finance and the International Conference organized by the local authorities refer to the implementation of the new management approach.

Source:Comes from the Internet