New Culture Fest


Preparations are underway for the first China International Culture Tourism Festival to be held in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province next month.Launched by the Ministry of Culture, National Tourism Administration and Hunan Provincial Government, the 20-day festival is scheduled to begin on October 23.

The festival will feature presentations, demonstrations, a travel commodity fair and a travel promotion conference to enhance communication and understanding between different cities, according to festival organizers.

The opening ceremony will be held in Yellow Dragon Cavern Scenic Spot in Zhangjiajie and other cities in the province will host an array of events.

Zhangjiajie's famous Tianmen Mountain, National Forest Park, Water Winding around Four Gates (Shuiraosimen) and Yellow Dragon Cavern will also be highlighted.

The Culture Tourism Award ceremony will be held during the festival, recognizing great achievements in China's culture travel industry.The festival is scheduled to be held every two years at different locations.