Network variety show《Mars Intelligence Bureau》recorded Zhangjiajie scenery

Variety technique used in domestic first network television show 《Mars Intelligence Bureau》 will shoot in the world natural heritage sites Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan.

The filming activity aims to record Wulingyuan scenic area and carry on the organic integration with the show, realizing win-win situation of network variety show and travel brand promotion. During filming in the core scenic area, the film crew will record different identity, character between tourists. In addition to the team of professional staff, it also includes Xiangxi impression, Oolong-shanzhai, and food shop volunteers and extras nearly 30 people.

《Mars Intelligence Bureau》is a forged by Youku potatoes and the Milky Way cool entertainment joint s-class network variety, produced by hunan TV’s original “Day Day Up” the core team. It shows formally in Youku on April 8. After launched, it wins the national audience’s high praise.

Translated by Sophia