Network and Excellent Photography Works to Promote Zhangjiajie

On March 4th, Wulingyuan scenic area welcomes Hong Kong photography team. They will develop a two-day photography activity in wulingyuan scenic area. According to incomplete statistics, more than 3000 photographers both at home and abroad participate in the 3rd wulingyuan national scenery photography festival, cumulatively reflecting the zhangjiajie natural scenery, folk custom and other kinds of photographic works.

The 3rd Wulingyuan national scenery photography festival since started on July 1st, 2013, Received extensive attention of domestic and international photography. After the exhibition, More than 20 provincial photographers’ association groups tour to Zhangjiajie for photography. More than 30 travel photography organization members participate in the photography festival, Expanding the influence of the photography festival.

In the photography festival, the organizers also strengthen the domestic and international mainstream photography agencies to promote cooperation and form active atmosphere. According to introduction, Wulingyuan regards the scenery photography festival as an effective way of marketing publicity, and makes it become an important showcase of travel brand.

Translated by Sophia