Near 500 Giant Salamanders to Be Released in Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave

At the end of Dec, Hunan 7th Giant Salamander Artificial Fecundation Discharge Acitivity will be initiated in Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave; At that time, Ten groups of gaint salamander parents and near 500 seedlings will be free in the site.

The sound resource environment and high-quality water resources in the ecological sqaure of Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave becomes the main meeting place for the discharge activity of gaint salamander. These giant salamanders will be discharged in the side of Hallelujah Music Hall of Yellow Dragon Cave ecological sqaure, cave and the oberservation station of Gaint Salamander National Natural Conservation Zone, becoming another cultural business card for the ecological travel in Yellow Dragon Cave.

“Yellow Dragon Cave ecological sqaure and the discharge activity of gaint salamander bring out the best in each other, for both of them is ecological. The discharge activity will make the finishing point in the former, boosting the orderly development in gaint salamander ecological travel, popularization of science and travel” Remarks by the person in charge of this free activity. It is reported there are 512,000 artificial domesticated gaint salamanders and near 200,000 seedlings output annually in Zhangjiajie, thus Zhangjiajie is honored “The Homeland of Gaint Salamander”. Since the free activity of gaint salamander in 2002, There is a total number of over 6,000. At this time, the activity will be simultaneously conducted in Zhangjiajie, Changde, Huaihua and other six counties and synchronous discharge will be conducted in Zhangjiajie Yongding district, Sangzhi county, Cili county.

“Oberservation station of Gaint Salamander National Natural Conservation Zone” in Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave

By Crystal