Mr He Huan would like to visit Wulingyuan 100 Times

“Zhangjiajie is my second home and I hope I can visit Wulingyuan in our lifetime 100 times!” On the night of August 30, Hong Kong Photography 85-year-old He Huan 66th time visits Zhangjiajie, coming four times this year alone.

Mr He Huan is an oceangoing seaman and Hong Kong famous photographer, who has been to many countries scenery resorts. At the beginning of 1981, he was deeply attracted by the amazing natural scenery in Zhangjiajie. Since then, He chose Zhangjiajie as a destination for his holiday and photography. Mountains and rivers, over 35 years, left Mr He Huan shadow everywhere. For 35 years, Mr He Huan cut tens of thousands of pieces of Zhangjiajie scenery pictures to promote Zhangjiajie scenery.

He Huan admits, with age increasing, his desire to Zhangjiajie is becoming stronger. Because of physical reasons, He can not do special photography, but walking in the ecological scenic is also a kind of bliss.

Translated by Sophia