Mr.Feng Xiaogang and Other Famous Persons will come to Zhangjiajie

Mr.Feng Xiaogang and other famous persons will appear in Zhangjiajie on september 17th, People find a few blocks, saying Mr.Feng Xiaogang, Mr.Liu Huan and Lao zai will sign Charming Xiangxi on October 28th.

National famous director Mr.Feng Xiaogang will become China’s first original ecological folk custom cultural glamour Xiangxi director. The national famous singer Mr.Liu Huan will act as music director. And the national famous producer of music creation Lao zai will also join Charming Xiangxi music production team.

The Charming Xiangxi is a representative cultural travel “Business card” of Zhangjiajie. It has been successfully performed more than 6,000 games, with a reception of nearly 13 million audiences. It is one of the country’s most popular tourist performing arts programs.

As a demonstration base of national culture, Charming Xiangxi shows not only on the CCTV Spring Festival gala in recent years, also successfully abroad three times for cultural visit to Europe, which attracted the famous writer Wangmeng, Korean singer Huang Zhilie to to carry out art exchange column, etc.

Translated by Sophia