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Mr Aaron Ciechanover Praised Zhangjiajie: Earth Unique Magic

“Earth magic, it is too shocked!” On June 16th, Israel’s first science Nobel Prize winner Aaron Ciechanover left the world natural heritage, world geopark Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic area as a heartfelt sigh.

Mr Aaron Ciechanover was invited to attend an international conference on biological. According to accompany his tour guide Xiao Yang, half a day tour in the Wulingyuan, although he only visited Yuanjiajie scenic area, he felt surprised at the beauty. In the column “Avatar” floating mountains prototype, he happened to meet a mist lingering peaks, like fairyland, letting Aaron Ciechanover feeling more spectacular, more attractive. It is the first time to see such great rare natural scenery, and he will introduce more friends to Zhangjiajie for holiday. Then Aaron Ciechanover gave full praise for Dragon ladder, and he thought it is the miracle in the history of architecture.

The 68-year-old Mr Aaron Ciechanover, biologists, chemists, Israel humanities and natural academy of sciences, and foreign academician of the national academy of sciences, and foreign academician of Chinese academy of sciences. In 2004 with his Israeli scientists Avram Hershko and American scientists Irwin Rose for discovering that the regulation of ubiquitin protein degradation, jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry.

Translated by Sophia