Most Guests Greatly Favored Zhangjiajie Huanglong Cave’s Spring Sights

Since April, flowers begin to bloom; people intoxicated in the beautiful spring sights. On Tomb-sweeping Day, many guests went on a spring outing to enjoy lively spring and blooming flowers. Situated at the core scenic area of Wulingyuan,The Huanglong Cave was available to colorful spectacular cave sights inside and twittering birds as well as fragrant flowers, Thus it was greatly favored by guests. According to the statistics, About thousands of them came there since April.

Under the blue sky, Gentle breeze kissed the rape fields, Frogs in the paddy field croaking occasionally, birds standing on rape branches and the fragrance of mud and flowers floating in the air. The Ecological Square of Huanglong Cave appeared a land of idyllic beauty for peach blossoms, sakuras and magnolias were in full bloom one another, Making a more wonderful spring. The Tujia village in the square was quiet and gentle, Looking as if a beautiful young lady in Tujia clothes were smiling faintly.

Titled "The most beautiful village of Zhangjiajie" The Ecological Square witnesses a lot of guests to enjoy flowers in April each year. The natural countryside farming culture is often greatly loved by them who are self-help students,happy harmonious families, sweet lovers or foreign guests. Each time they come to a scenic spot,They would open their arms to embrace the nature, ride water vehicles, push grinds. There they can enjoy simple and natural Tujia farming lives.

Translated by Zumi