Mongolian Musical Dazzles in Zhangjiajie Hallelujah Concert Hall


 Ordos Wedding, a large scale folk musical, was staged on Nov. 1 in the Hallelujah Concert Hall in Zhangjiajie, northwest Hunan Province.

The performance, marking the 1st China International Culture-Tourism Festival, has integrated the unique Mongolian regional, etiquette, folk and costume culture. Its performer, the Inner Mongolia Xiangshawan (Resonant Sand Gorge) Troupe, earned a thunderclap of applause and cheers from the audience.

The musical presented the whole scene of the wedding and is an all-out display of the Ordos folk songs and dances, congratulation and commendation etiquettes, folk customs, rituals, costumes and cuisine.

Ordos wedding is a product of Mongolia folk culture, embodying the nomadic, palace and sacrificial culture and displaying the original features of the unique ethnic customs.