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Millions of name cards converge on Yuanjiajie

In Yuanjiajie scenic spot of Zhangjiajie, there exists one place where South Korean tourists are not wiling to miss——an unique pavilion that represents the friendly relationship between China and South Korea.

This pavilion, described to be opened by a Zhangjiajie local named Yang Yongjun, for the purpose of offering a resting place to visitors and selling some souvenirs at the same time. Then, for the pursuit of a sales promotion, Yang Yongjun employed Korean Piao Yingji couple, letting them introduce the charming natural scenery of Zhangjiajie to South Korean visitors in Korean. When hearing the familiar local accent in a foreign land, South Korean tourists always feel a stream of intimacy soon, which urges them to leave their own name cards there as a memento of this special destiny initiatively. As time passes, Piao Yingji had a large collection of name cards and didn’t know where to put those name cards. Hence, she tried to post them in walls, lights, windows of the outlet. Up to now, the volume amounted to more than a million. This pavilion also become famous, attracting more and more South Korean tourists and tour guides coming there for sightseeing, consumption.

Actually, we can usually see various fascias marked with Korean and Chinese in Zhangjiajie scenic spots. Even those illiterate grannies are able to sell their products in Korean. In addition, Zhangjiajie is the earliest district in Chinathat implements the direct change between RMB and South Korean Won. If a South Korean loses his passport in Zhangjiajie, he can re-apply it within one day.

In recent years, Zhangjiajie and South Korea deepen their communication with each other gradually. From 2002, Zhangjiajie sends government delegations to visitSouth Koreaevery year. The two sides persist in exchanging civil servants to learn in the other place, taking a temporary post. Meanwhile, Many South Koreans choose to settle down in Zhangjiajie.

Translated by Becky