Mark Levine Publishes《Stories from My Chinese Journey》to Recommend Zhangjiajie

On April 10th, Contemporary American writers, “The father of country music” Mark Levine Publishes 《Stories from My Chinese Journey》. As we have learned, Mark Levine wants to show the beauty of China, including Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic spot.

《Stories from My Chinese Journey》 is divided into four chapters. It tells 21 interesting stories of Mark Levine in China during the eight years of life experience. Through the graphic form, It shows the value of international friendship and Chinese young people’s perseverance to western readers.

In the whole book, Mark Levine shows great interest in Zhangjiajie landscape in Hunan. In addition to the text of describing the world natural heritage Zhangjiajie to the world and China’s historical and cultural city, he puts some pictures of huanglong hole ecological square, Tianzi mountain, The ancient city of phoenix on the cover and back cover. Mark Levine says that Hunan left deep memories on his mind.

Translated by Sophia