Mark•Liwen Takes Songzuying as Teacher for Learning Folk Song

On August 20th, Fu han, the broker of Mark•Liwen who is the “Father of Modern Country Music” in America releases that in order to obtain good performance in 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week, Mark•Liwen is taking Songzuying–the famous female vocalist staging from Xiangxi to the whole world, learning Sangzhi folk song–Build Lampstand on Man Mulberry.

On the music week that will be kicked off in the end of August, Mark•Liwen and his broker–Fu han will present in“World natural heritage” in music group “In Side Out”. On the opening ceremony, Mark•Liwen with his guitar and Fu han with her urheen is to perform the popular Sangzhi folk song Build Lampstand on Man Mulberry, playing “Our country music” in national dialect.

According to Fu han, Mark•Liwen is faithful singer of Zhangjiajie as well as a fever fan of Songzuying. When he is in America, Mark•Liwen likes to sing Songzuying’s song and has bought her albums. After Mark•Liwen came to China, he becomes a professor in the Central University of Nationalities where Song attended in, besides, he performed together with Song for many times, especially likes the song Build Lampstand on Man Mulberry that Song once song in the Golden Hall of Vienna.

Mark•Liwen is the only international country singer who has attended Zhangjiajie international country music week and reelected as “Special Award of Merit” in the former two events. In his view, international country music week has become a vital cultural business name for Zhangjiajie, and he would like to share Zhangjiajie’s special folk customs and songs in the magic mountains and rivers of Zhangjiajie.

By Crystal