Magnificent “Moon Goddess” in Wulingyuan

On April 4th, in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Huatian hotel plaza, Chinese and foreign tourists streamed in front of the statue of the magnificent “Moon goddess” to enjoy taking pictures.

Statue of “Moon goddess”is noble, elegant and pretty. It lies down YuBi mountain peak, giving a desire for beautiful reverie, which attracts thousands of tourists to watch every day.According to the relevant controller introduction, “Moon goddess”photography creation is inspired by a network of Red Moon in Tianzi Mountain and folk myths and legends.

Tourists from all over the world, if you desire to get the “Moon goddess” caress, completeness and happiness, you will get to the world natural heritage site – Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan.

In recent years, Wulingyuan takes the strategy of “Protection of natural heritage, under construction in the future cultural heritage”, vigorously strengthens the depth of the traveland cultural fusion, and heavily builds the original large performing artsproduct show Zhangjiajijie charming xiangxi and misty rain in Zhangjiajie. In 2015, with the arrival of the 46th “World earth day”,Zhangjiajie world geological park museum has opened to the Chinese and foreigntourists. In the past two years, a large number of key travel culture construction projects are solid and orderly in the progress. Statue of “Moon goddess” is just a little star of the colorful Wulingyuan travel culture.

Translated by Sophia