Lobster Flowers in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan area

On January 4th, learned from Zhangjiajie national forest, more than 15,000 strains of wild lobster flowers are transplanted to Huangshizhai cultivation base.

Lobster flower is peculiar to Zhangjiajie plants, all in Huangshizhai, adding a lot of color to Zhangjiajie spots. According to understand, lobster flower, is one of the most ancient of flowers, keeping its shape remain unchanged, like a sea of named lobster. As early as one hundred million years ago in the Mesozoic cretaceous period, lobster flower has destroyed much of the region, so the lobster flower is regarded as “Living fossil” plants. Lobster flower is gorgeous, a variety of colors such as pink, purple, yellow, white, becoming one of focal point the general photography fans and tourists.

To prepare lobster flower cultivation, breeding and conservation work, since last year, Zhangjiajie has organized technical personnel to collect more than 15,000 strains of lobster flower seedlings.

Translated by Sophia