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LiuYun’s New Works《Encounter Zhangjiajie》is published

For showing the respect for people’s artist Wuguanzhong, contributing to the 30 years anniversary of national forest park of zhangjiajie. Recently, the creation of LiuYun, Encounter Zhangjiajie WuGuanZhong and Zhangjiajie (essay) will meet readers.

Encounter Zhangjiajie WuGuanZhong and Zhangjiajie, the book is divided into “sequence”, “humanistic mountains and water”, “spirit oxygen bar”, “celebrity of the covenant”, “friendship link”, “epilogue” and so on. The text of the book are mostly based onto personal creation, also have some other scholars, famous works, and is equipped with a large number of documentary pictures. Thus, let the book be rich not only in content, but also with excellent pictures and texts. In honor of remembering master and lovely landscape, between famous mountains, water and celebrity, the author use his own personal experience to describe the scenery and the characters of mind. Its implication is to express the passion of the fusion about human and nature, nature and life, even beauty and life.

Translated by Sophia