Lei Feng Art Troupe Spreads Lei Feng Spirit

The original performances feast audiences' eyes and create a joyous atmosphere for the local people.

The performers tell the stories of Lei Feng to a local child between performances.

Farmers watch the stylish show "Flying Dance" at their doorstep.

This is an art troupe widely known in Hunan for a long time.

They constantly created novel and attractive shows for the public even though there is no fancy stage. They devoted themselves to perseveringly spread Lei Feng spirit with ordinary actions. They actively held fundraising shows for the people in disaster-stricken areas after Wenchuan earthquake and Yushu earthquake. They performed for the soldiers on the frontline who fight against floods even when it was raining. During their performance in the countryside, they voluntarily donated money for aged people who were identified as "Five Guaranteed People", saved the drowning woman and even helped to resolve conflicts among neighbors.

They are performers from Lei Feng Art Troupe in Wangcheng District, Changsha.

Founded in 1998, Lei Feng Art Troupe has always highlighted the Lei Feng spirit as the soul of the troupe. As a member of Lei Feng's hometown, the cast of the troupe dedicated themselves to spread Lei Feng spirit. They have provided over 2,500 shows in the countryside, and created and rehearsed hundreds of shows well received by the local people like "The Song of Lei Feng" and "Building New Socialist Countryside".

Translator: Yin Xiaodong

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal