Lantern Festival Was Held by Zhangjiajie Literay Federation

On Feb 13, Lantern Festival Gala on them of “Chinses Dream·Flowers Invites Spring” was grandly held at People’s Square by Zhangjiajie literay federation. Municipal leaders watched the gala together with thousands of citizens.

The whole gala is themed by “Chinses Dream·Flowers Invites Spring” and composed by three activities “Folk dancing and singing”, “Contemporary melody” and “Respected descendant, with triumph again”. Enthusiastic performance of strong ethnic characteristic, drama, kungfu performance, humorous small drama and talk show and speech and recitation performance which reflected construction and spiritual life of Zhangjiajie were presented.

This gala emphasized the theme of passion, joy, harmony and thanksgiving. It is not only of rich culture, strong local characteristic and modern art, but also reflects economic development of Zhangjiajie.

By Patrcia