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“Korean Wave” Continuously Leading Zhangjiajie Overseas Tourist Market

It is visible to find Korean tourists in brights in Wulingyuan Tianzi Mountain scenic area, Zhangjiajie during July. This year, tourists from South Korea are still the major part of overseas tourist market in Zhangjiajie. According to the incomplete statistics issued by Wulingyuan travel department that in the first half of this year Wulingyuan scenic area has welcomed nearly 90000 South Korean tourists, accounting for over 60% of the whole capacity of overseas reception.

South Korean tourists has been absolutely dominated the overseas tourist markets in Zhangjiajie for years. With the help of the opening of direct flights between Zhangjiajie and South Korea, Zhangjiajie travel has made great efforts in promoting and advertising, which aims at further expanding South Korean tourist market. Meanwhile, key travel agencies ,mainstream media in South Korea are warmly invited to have investigation in Zhangjiajie. Data shows that more than 200 of those sectors have paid a satisfying visit in Zhangjiajie.

By Aileen