"June 6" festival, Thousands of Nuo face memorial ancestors

July 28, 2017 Zhangjiajie"June 6" festival was kicked off in Tujia style garden. Warm and hospitable Tujia children dressed in national costumes, jumping Mao Gu Si, waving dance and other characteristics of folk dance, held a grand carnival activities for the visitors and the public to pray, so that they focus and complete the taste of Tujia folk charm.

It is reported that it is an important traditional festival of Tujia,Nuo face ancestral custom, showing the Tujia people's labor life, national costumes, patriotic anti-Japanese and other scenes, it makes domestic and foreign tourists an eye-opener, but also expressed the Tujia people ancestors national integrity, and love of folk culture Especially, it inherited thousands of years of ancient "Nuo Tang Opera", has great value and ornamental value, known as the "Chinese opera fossils."

Translated by SHUIRE