International Piano Art Week show will be opened in Huanglongdong

August 3, 2017, From the "Huanglong Art Season" Organizing Committee news,International Piano Art Week show will be opened in Zhangjiajie Huanglong Hallelujah Concert Hall on August 5th.This International Piano Art Exhibition will be held in six exhibition zones at the same time, the schedule is 7 days. The event was organized by Huanglong Cave Investment Co., Ltd. and Hunan Fenghuang Culture Tourism Investment Co., Ltd.

According to "Huanglong Art Season" Organizing Committee introduced: "Huanglong Art Season" International Piano Art Week since March 1 in Changsha since the start, 1,804,000 yuan high subsidy to attract young pianist at home and abroad nearly 800 people to participate, The total number of awards 368, art development grants 1,804,000 yuan, the highest single funding of 100,000 yuan.

Translated by Zhangjiajieonine