International Photography association Will Make Depth Cooperation with Zhangjiajie

The cooperation meeting between International photography association and the people’s government of Wulingyuan recently will be held.

In the exchange meeting, International photography association President Zhao xuxin introduces the development of the international photography association and organization construction, etc. He will show the part of the association works. On the next step, both sides decide to set up zhangjiajie international photography association branches, Develop international photography association members, and regularly swap photography, borrowing a platform to promote Zhangjiajie.

Zhao xuxin says it will keep cooperate with Zhangjiajie photography and travel, and use the website, newspapers, magazines and other carrier to promote Zhangjiajie scenery, expand Zhangjiajie reputation. At the same time, The international top photographers will come to zhangjiajie for photography, carrying out exchange activities.

Zhangjiajie Wujingyuan says they will support international photography association activities. They hope a long-term friendly relations will be establishd.

Translated by Sophia