Hundreds of Photography People focused on Yangjiajie’s Peak Wall

On January 11st, The launch ceremony activity of “Hundreds of photography people focusing on drunken Zhangjiajie peak in Yangjiajie” held in Yangjiajie cableway station plaza.

Photographers used camera to capture the beautiful moments and winter scenery, to open Zhangjiajie Yangjiajie to the world, the world natural heritage scenic pearl “Drunken beauty peak wall” wonders.

Zhangjiajie Yangjiajie scenic area has 34 square kilometers. The highest peak has an altitude of 1,130 meters. The forest coverage rate of Yangjiajie has reached 95%.

And just run for less than a year of Yangjiajie cableway, with the French cableway equipment, it is the world’s top single cycle cableway. With a total length of 1,876 meters, maximum capacity for 2,300 people/hour, one-way run time 5.2 minutes, it is currently the most advanced passenger ropeway. Through nearly a year of safe operation, it has now become a safe and convenient “Air corridor” for the Chinese and foreign tourists.

Translated by Sophia