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Hunan’s Travel as a Strategic Pillar Industry Enjoys a Prominent Status

In 2015, Hunan’s travel revenue hit 371.29 billion yuan, ranking tenth in China and achieving an annual average growth of 21.1 percent and an increase of 160.4 percent over the end of the 11th five-year plan period. Hunan’s travel gradually enjoys a more prominent position as a strategic pillar industry. 

During the 12th five-year plan period, Hunan’s travel industry focused on the target of building the province into a travel power and has made efforts to improve quality and efficiency, said Chen Xianchun, director of the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Tourism. Chen added that the scale of travel industry has been in expansion mode and the travel economy has maintained sound operation. The province’s travel contribution to GDP hit record high and travel taxation made new progress. Its tourist reception capacity and travel revenue have been increased. Tourists’ satisfaction with travel service quality has been enhanced. Hunan has expanded its travel source market to surrounding areas and Yangtze River Delta region. The investment scales in travel continued to increase due to an increasingly optimized investment structure. The tourist consumption structure has been gradually improved and the proportion of shopping spending was on the rise. A sound travel product system has taken shape, integrating vacation travel products, special tour products, and new travel products. Employment grew fast in travel industry. 

In 2015, Hunan received 473 million tourists from home and abroad, an increase of 133 percent over that of 2010. The added value of travel industry reached 152.848 billion yuan, accounting for 5.26 percent of the total GDP of the province. The overall added value of travel industry hit 282.13 billion yuan, a contribution rate of 9.71 percent to the province’s total GDP. 

Translator: Xiao Juan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal