Hunan’s Tourist Arrivals and Revenue Continued Growth During Holiday

Statistics show that more than 10.54 million trips by tourists were made in 123 provincially-monitored scenic spots during the Spring Festival holiday, up 11.12% over last year's holiday, bringing a revenue of 805 million CNY, an increase of 19.28%. More than 27.2 million trips were made in Hunan, an increase of 20.06%. The gross revenue of travel totaled over 17.6 billion CNY, an increase of 27.59%.

Rural travel, leisure travel, hot spring travel, and red travel have become popular among tourists. Short-distance travel and driving tour are major travel modes. Activities including parent-child tour, fruit picking and flower enjoying trip, and village-related experience launched by leisure farms are some families’ first choice. Study tour, B&B inns, and other emerging travel modes have become tourists’ new favorites. Industrial tourist attractions including Hengyang Museum of Industry were popular with the public.

After an upgrade, the popularity and reputation of key scenic spots such as Wulingyuan, Fenghuang Ancient Town, Langshan Mountain, and Taohuayuan have been greatly enhanced. Nanyue’s Spring Festival traditions have attracted many tourists from Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, Jiangxi, and Hunan. They prayed for good weather and a prosperous year. Emerging scenic spots including Yangsha Lake, Zizai Pingjiang International Tourist Resort were favored by tourists.

Translator: Xiao Juan