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Hunan’s First Travel Peak in National Day Golden Week

According to the data released by the Hunan Holiday Office on the evening of October 3, the province met its first travel peak of the seven-day holiday.

Based on the statistics, the occupation rate of Hunan’s hotels has reached over 90 percent, and 42 tourist areas (sites) under Hunan’s supervision have received 655,100 tourists, creating a revenue of 53,054,000 yuan.

With the weather turning better, Changsha welcomes a large number of visitors with a series of attractive activities such as Throwing Tomatoes Competition in Changsha Window of the World, appreciating wild animals in Changsha Ecological Zoo, watching birds in Birds’ Paradise of Yuelu Mountain, and triathlon competition in Qianlong Lake.

Leisure travel in Changsha’s rural areas was also very popular. Baiguo Park, Jingxiu Ecological Farm and Qianlong Holiday Resort have received nearly 15,000 tourists, with 4200,000 yuan of travel income, up 21% and 23.6% over the same period of last year respectively.

In addition, travel industry in Zhangjiajie, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Yueyang, Changde, Shaoyang, Yiyang and Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture has also enjoyed a heat during the golden week.

Translator: Wang Xiaolu
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal