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Hunan’s 61 Years of Flourishing Travel Published in Hunan Travel Annals

Hunan Travel Annals, compiled by Hunan Tourism Bureau, was officially published by China Travel & Tourism Press a few days ago. Covering a period of 61 years, from the year 1950 to 2011, it is the first report of its kind for the province. He Baoxiang, vice-governor Hunan, honored the book by writing its preface himself.

With altogether over 880,000 Chinese characters in the book, its compilation took four years. . With annals like writing style, the book is supplemented by statements, records, figures and charts, etc. Subjects in the book are classified based on events. Presenting Hunan’s travel resources, planning, construction, market, services and management, education, training and scientific research, administrative institution and spiritual civilization, with seven pieces of articles, the 37 chapters in the chronicle objectively and comprehensively record the great progress achieved towards Hunan’s travel reform and development since the founding of the New China.

The Hunan Tourism Annals not only systematically and comprehensively collects a fortune of spiritual travel civilization, but also provides reliable historical facts, abundant and vivid materials for employees in the travel system to understand, promote and use effectively to develop Hunan travel. It plays an important role in promoting the construction of a province with strong travel industry.

Translator: He Yao

Source: hunan.gov.cn