Hunan Yongzhou Villagers Grow ‘Colorful World’ in Paddy Field

Colorful farmlands with lots of creative images were seen in Yitang Town, Yongzhou City on July 2, 2016. They look like spectacular pieces of works of art, attracting numerous visitors. The most impressive one is the one boasting four Chinese characters, meaning “Beauty” and “Tea Language”. They were formed when special purplish-brown rice and normal rice were crisscrossed to plant.   “The colorful cropland is part of the construction made for sightseeing agriculture by the Park of National Agriculture Science and Technology of Yongzhou,” said Wu Yusheng, secretary of the Working Committee of the Park, “we tried out color rice within a small area of paddy fields this time.”   Please refer to www.enghunan.gov.cn when using the article.  

The colorful farmlands in Yitang Town, Yongzhou City, look like amazing pieces of works of art, attracting numerous visitors on July 2, 2016.

A “Beauty” created by local residents is welcoming visitors.

Chinese character “Tea Language”

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal