Hunan World Famous Flowers Eco-cultural Festival

The 10th Hunan World Famous Flowers Eco-cultural Festival was launched at Hunan Forest Botanical Garden on March 10. Eight categories of flowers are to be exhibited at the Garden from March till April,including cherry blossoms, tulips, azaleas, and peach blossoms. Tourists will enjoy a colorful sea of flowers and experience pleasant ecological culture.

Flower show No. 1: The most beautiful tulips in southern China

Flowering period: early March to early April

Quantity: 700 thousand species of seedball, 120 categories

Location: rose-shaped square

Flower show No. 2: Cherry blossoms

Flowering period: mid and late February to mid and late April

Quantity: more than 3000 cherry blossoms

Location: around cherry blossom lake (It is the prime time to enjoy the flower from March 15.)

Flower show No. 3: Azaleas

Flowering period: mid-March to early May

Quantity: 210 categories, from home and abroad (including one million of wild azalea trees and latest domestic horticultural varieties)

Location: national azalea park

Flower show No. 4: Peach blossoms

Flowering period: early March to mid-April

Quantity: hundreds of peach blossoms blooming

Location: peach blossoms park