Hunan Will Develop Ten Famous Domestic Tourist Destinations

On January 9, the Hunan Provincial People's Government held a press conference to highlight the development of Hunan's travel industry in 2010 and the proposed plans for this sector in 2011.

In the coming five years, the province will promote three scenic blocks, namely, "Great Changsha", "Great Xiangxi" (West Hunan area), and "GreatXiangnan" (South Hunan area), build nine international fine tourist cities and scenic spots, and create ten well-known domestic tourist destinations, according to Yang Guangrong, head of the Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau.

To develop nine classic tourist cities and scenic spots, the province will build Changsha City and Zhangjiajie City into destination cities for international tourists; and Shaoshan, Nanyue (South Mountain Hengshan), Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town, Yueyang Tower, Langshan Mountain, Mausoleum of Emperor Yan, Mausoleum of Emperor Shun into destination scenic spots.

The ten famous domestic tourist destinations are Liuzi (Liu Zongyuan) Temple---Yangming Mountain in Yongzhou City, Miluo Dragon Boat Culture Scenic Area of Qu Yuan Temple in Yueyang City, Hongjiang Ancient Town---Zhijiang City in Huaihua City, Former Residence of Zeng Guofan in Loudi City, Meishan Dragon King's Palace---Ziquejie Terrace in Loudi City, Taohuayuan (Peach Blossom Land) Scenic Area---Liuye (Willow Leaf) Lake in Changde City, Scenic Areas of Furong (Lotus) Town in west Hunan, Dongjiang Lake---Mangshan Mountain in Chenzhou City, Ancient Tea-horse Road in Yiyang City, and Yunfeng Lake in Zhuzhou City.